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The nails along the wall in my ceiling are starting to come through the sheetrock and there are cracks along the section where my walls meet the ceiling. What is causing this and can it be repaired??
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Common problem, easily fixed. Reset nails by dimpling sheetrock with hammerhead, being careful not to break the paper. Screw in drywall screw next to nail, overlapping the nailhead with the screwhead. Smooth over with spackling compound, which can also be used on hairline cracks. The crack between the wall and ceiling can be repaired several ways, depending on how large the crack is...spackle, caulk, or tape- and- compound. Paint.
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The cracks are probably caused by wood movement. The most likely causes are changing humidity that makes wood warp. When the wood warps it pulls the nails with it and leaves the cracked sheetrock behind as evidence. The other common cause is from structural settling of the house framing. If you fix it once and it doesn't come back you are in good shape. If it is a recurring problem, you might need to take steps to correct a moisture movement or a structural condition.

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