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I have cracked and irregular plaster walls that I really don't want to gut and redo. I'm considering skim coating, applying a thin coat of paster patch and then sanding. I also have a section of an adjacent wall that I have to put a drywall section in. I've heard negative feedback about this approach. Any suggestions or feedback are appreciated. Thanks!
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I don't know much about skim coating with plaster patch but would be certain that the existing surface will accept a thin layer. Try a small area and make sure that it sticks. If the walls have many years of built up layers of oil paint, it might be tough getting anything to stick to it. You might have to de-gloss it prior to skim coating. You would need to check carefully into the lead based paint issue before sanding the walls to de-gloss them since most all older paint has some lead in it and sanding is exactly what NOT to do. If you patch an area in a plaster wall with sheetrock, make sure to pre-fill any large gaps between the two materials and use paper or fiberglass tape over all the seams... then it should be OK. I'll wish you good luck since any patching work requires it!

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