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I have a small dormer in the roof of my extension which has just been built. It is made from exterior ply and to match my existing dormer it needs now to be rendered. I understand how to render it but I cannot find anywhere just how to get the same texture as the original. My house was built about 10 years ago. The texture seems to be almost like small polystyrene balls under the suface. It is painted white. Is this a special coating put over the cement render or is it created by some kind of special render mix ?

Thank you
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BTW, you will receive more responses if U.S. term "stucco" is used instead of "render". I know..., but it's just the way it is.

This could have been done a number of ways: vermiculite in render (hand or spray), vermiculite in the paint (possibly cement paint), a propriety spray texture coating. Premixed versions of stucco or render with vermiculite are available, but I don't know the term used outside of the U.S. or the specification. Hazarding a guess try "TYROLEAN".

Since it's a small area it shouldn't be hard to duplicate. If it's rough but smooth in some areas, add vermiculite to thinned render and paint it on. If it has a sandy texture, possibly swirl marks, add more vermiculite to the render, then treat it for a sand finish with a float.

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