Need help recaulking vinyl flooring...


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Someone help me, please! We are trying to get our house ready to sell, and I am trying to fix up our vinyl floors. The caulking around the moulding has deteriorated, and the vinyl floor has pulled away from the wall in places. How do I fix this? I tried to remove the old caulking and recaulk, but it is obvious that the vinyl floor needs to be re-stuck down in places. I went to Home Depot & asked what I should do, and they gave me a can of "Cove Base Adhesive" and said that would work. I applied the adhesive, but the vinyl still won't stick down around the edges. It pops right back up. I don't have time to sit there and hold it down and wait for the adhesive to set--I'd be doing that for weeks!

I guess I need to know what adhesive I should use to stick the vinyl back down in I using the right stuff? If so, how do I get it to actually work? And, any tips on caulking? I'm not great at it....
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I'm sure no expert but how about a 1/4" round added to the baseboard.
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If the vinyl itself is in sellable shape, try pulling up the baseboard, putting the vinyl back under it, and the replacing the baseboard. That should hold the vinyl in place. Might have to go to a baseboard that is thicker to cover the edge of the vinyl. But before you go to all the trouble, take a critical look at the vinyl itself. You may be money ahead to simply replace it, especially since you are selling the house. A floor that looks bad can easily knock $1,000 or more off of what somebody is willing to offer on the house, or might be enough to turn a potential buyer off to the house completely.

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