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Several weeks ago, we rewallpapered our kitchen. We had a difficult time removing the wallpaper and had to use a lot of DIF and a scoring tool.

Before rewallpapering, we repaired any problems in the drywall and primed the walls. However, one section of the wall, on an exterior wall, is showing water stains, bright yellow stains and impressions from the scoring tool. The problem is isolated to one section but has gotten progressively worse. It should be noted that the drywall is not soggy nor is the paper wet.

We have inspected both the attic and the roof. There are no stains in the ceiling; the roof looks fine and is, in fact, only a couple of years old. While there are some pipes in the attic near the site, there does not appear to be any water leaks.

We have had a handyman look at the problem, but he was unable to identify the source. We do not know what our next step should be: what to check or what type of repairman to call.

Any suggestions?
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You didn't say what kind of primer you used but my bet is some kind of latex.A wall can look fine until painted or papered,then react with the water in the glue or paint.Latex will not hold much back in the way of stains or bleeders.
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As far as the leak, I'm wondering if the exterior wall is brick. I've seen condensation stains and mole or mildew in the interior surfaces of exterior walls. It's because brick keeps the wall cold and condenses interior moisture, especially in winter. If that's not the case how's the caulk above your exterior window drip caps? Do you think the stain could be from the DIF?

As far as the stain, I would recommend KILZ. It's very thin and is solvent based, so it's not pleasant to work with. for small areas, like individual stains a couple feet square or smaller KILZ is available in spray cans, but I wouldn't recommend it for a whole wall because of the overspray. If you use it, shake the can twice as long as the instructions say to and VIGOROUSLY, it tends to glob up inside the spray tube, rendering the whole can useless. If you buy it in liquid form, avoid the new latex-based KILZ-2. I fell for it and it and I can tell you, it doesn't cover anything. But if you use original KILZ your stain is history. Buy a really cheap brush and roller and throw 'em out when your done. It's more trouble than it's worth to wash up decent gear after using this stuff.


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