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I would be most grateful if anyone out there can help me. My husband is very depressed about a home improvement gone wrong. The plaster or joint compound on our garage ceiling in our 27 year old house bubbled and fell in many places. My husband scraped off all of what he thought was the loose stuff and retaped the drywall and put coats of joint compound up. Everything looked great. Then he painted the ceiling and all the old stuff that felt tight bubbled and fell. He says the old plaster/joint compound felt a bit moist to him before he painted, but that the attic above is gone dry. We have a new roof. There are no leaks. Can anyone offer insight as to what is causing the bubbling in both cases and what he can do? He is afraid the new stuff will fall! Thank you
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If I understand you correctly, the newly fixed joints are fine, it was just the old stuff that you thought would be ok that went ahead and fell, right?

Let me say this first(not nesasarily the cause of the problem here), never paint anything you feel is damp, that is asking for trouble.

What you need to do is go ahead and take down all the old existing tape, re-tape and finish it, letting every application dry thoroughly before proceding. If the roof is no longer leaking and the new tapeing that your husband did was done correctly, it shouldn't be a problem, so don't remove that.

When removing water damaged tape it is best to remove all the mud you can down to the sheetrock, if you don't you could have problems with it adhereing. You can wet it with a spray bottle and let it sit a few minutes and use a putty knife for easier removal. If it is very difficult, don't worry with the mud to each side of the tape joint(the bed) but go to the rock where the tape lies. Cut the tape with a razor knife where you want it to stop peeling(example, when it reaches the new tape) Allow it to dry thoroughly before re-taping. I hope this helps
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The cause (site unseen) is probably from previous water damage, that was the cause of the initial bubbles, the bubbles that appeared were there, just not noticable untill the moister from the paint released it. Water damage is tedious work, that is why repairing water dameged homes is expencive, the water deteriorates the rock and mud fast and is difficult to remedy, tell your husband this (or simular) has happened to most in the bussiness.

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