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Can you fix a hole in a door without replacing the door itself?
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Normally, I would say you can.Give us some more information - Is it a hollow core door, luan, 6-panel, etc. Get us some more information and we will try to lead you thru it.
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I guess I'd have to know what kind of door we're talking about here, but two thoughts immediately come to mind:

a) if the hole is so large that simply ignoring it was never an option, and...

b) if this door has wood veneer on the front and back, which doesn't lend itself to being repaired, then...

replacing the door is probably the easiest cheapest way of restoring the door to it's original condition. Keep in mind that the image going through my head right now is that of a bathroom door that a neighbor's tenant put a hockey puck through. If this is about the size of the hole we're talking about, then my advice would be to direct your efforts toward replacing the door.

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