Plasterboard jointing problem


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Plasterboard ceiling jointing has discoloured for a width of 6-8 cm along the entire length of every joint over the entire house. There is no evidence of roof leaks or dampness. The discolouration has taken some 12 months to appear. Can anyone suggest a likely reason for the problem?
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This is only a possible reason!!!

In what season was the house built, or the drywall put up?

The powered joint compounds will take approximately 60 days to dry under 40(F) degree temps at 90% humidty. Drywallers will not wait 60 days for second and third coats which compounds the problems. (If the temp and humidty aren't exact for these numbers, it's very close. I used a 20 minute setting compound yesterday that was still damp in areas today.) In that amount of time, it would have similar results as a roof leaking with the moisture sitting there that long. Many builders are more concerned about time schedules then proper building practice. Structures should be properly heated and ventilated during weather conditions that are adverse to taping drywall.

Don C.
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Thankyou Don C for your prompt reply and helpful comments. Sheba

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