Why am I getting bubbles?


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It used to be you needed to go to a drywall supply house to get 1/4" drywall but a week or so ago I was in the local lowes and seen they had it in stock.
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Thanks I'll check it out in the morning, I've got to go there to pick up some hardware anyway.

This is a close up picture of crack, it runs full length of the wall and there is one closer to the floor as well. I don't want to wallpaper just to have to do it all over again. Wallpaper ain't cheap!!

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The photo does nto help me see it, really. Sorry. Almost looks like a basement block wall where someone added green dye outside, and watered the ground, and the dye seeped in through mortar joints.

Are there cracks that are horizontal and like 8 inches apart? That is what it looks like on the picture. But you say there is (only) ONE? full length crack, and another down by the floor? Are these 4 feet apart?, or less? What is the distance between them so we can figure out why these cracks are there.
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Yeah I don't know why it came out that way on the picture, but I can assure you it's wood, not block. They didn't have cement block 100 years ago. This is the actual outside of the original structure or so I'm told by the previous owner.
A fellow woodworker told me to glue the screen to the wall with hide glue, then plaster over that. I'm not sure, nor was he, what kind of chemical reaction might occur by doing that. I know hide glue will keep it tight to the wall, but will the plaster or Durobond adhere to that without a problem?
It's just this one wall I have to deal with. I thought I might try it down in the corner and see what happens.

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