paint not adhering plaster/ stucco/ block


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paint not adhering plaster/ stucco/ block

I have a 30 year old house with a concrete block first floor (no basement). I believe the block was originally plastered, and then painted about ten years ago. The ten-year old paint was peeling, and there was some effloressence underneath the paint, so I had painters wire brush the loose paint off. The foundation was then powerwashed, patched with plaster where the old paint chipped off, and then painted a week ago with masonry paint. It appears that the new paint didn't bond to the underlying surface in some areas. (There are areas that look almost like they have bubbled up. I can push them in with my finger and leave a mark.) My questions: how SHOULD this problem have been fixed (obviously this wasn't the right way) and what can be done now to fix it? My painting contractor is coming back tomorrow to discuss. Is the only way to fix to apply a mesh and re-plaster? or re-stucco? (not sure what the difference is.) Also, the paint was applied on a very hot, humid day--does that matter? Thanks!
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Plaster is for interior work, stucco is a masonary product used on the exterior. Both are applied in similiar manners.

Effloressence is caused by moisture passing thru the masonary.

Was the 10 yr old paint chalky after the pressure washing? If so, a masonary sealer should have been applied. Adding the proper amount of emulsa bond to the first coat of latex paint will also work.

Where are your bubbled spots? Are they on the repairs? over the existing paint?

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