Mother Coming/Bathroom a disaster help


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Angry Mother Coming/Bathroom a disaster help

Our home was built in the 80's. It appears that almost every wall in this house was textured, a smooth alligator type texture.
All 3 bathrooms are wallpapered.
I started stripping the first bathroom of the wallpaper and found disaster, to me anyways!
From what I can see there is a beige colored texture,followed by an aqua colored paint, then a light greenish paint that is almost sheer enough to look like a glue? Then the wallpaper left behind almost all of it's glue.
This glue will NOT yield to me, it was not soak off with wallpaper remover or anything EXCEPT for these little pockets that pulled off leaving me with no idea what to do.
I almost almost positive that if I primer and paint this as is that big spots of my paint will just start falling off once dry.
Oh and SOME of the walls are perfectly smooth untouched drywall so I'm seeing some sort of remodel?
Do I retexture over this mess and texture the smooth wall to match? then primer? then paint? I mean this IS a bathroom, is the steam from showering going to make this glue bubble or fall off in chunks?
2 more things
In taking off the wallpaper the outside corners in the room have chipped plaster or joint compound, how do I repair that?
One of them is on a half wall that gives privacy to the toilet and people are going to be bumping it or brushing it with their leg constantly. I've done some reading, can I purchase No Coat in Do It Yourself amounts?
And last but not least, the room was obviously wallpapered before the baseboard was put on and there are little pieces of wallpaper sticking out over the baseboard now that I cannot get out or off!!!! Accckkk!! Will I have to remove the baseboards?
Mom is due in 10 days and I am a COMPLETELY inexperienced DIY'er girl with no funds to have it done by a pro.
Help!! Please??
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This is why I hate wall paper it's a pain to remove.... Anyway as for the glue issue what I have done in the past for small problems is to sand the wall with enough pressure to remove some of the excess glue ,but not hard enough to rip the paper of the drywall below it then apply a skim coat for more information on that try google as there are plenty of guides on it that are better than I can explain it

Your other alternatives are to

1) texture the walls instead of skim coating.

2) use a thick textured wall paper

3) replace the drywall completely (thats alot of work in a bath).
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bathroom disaster

This does sound like a mess. If it was me, anything that was sticking to the wall I would leave alone. I would only remove loose peices. Sand all the bumbs off, and get some All Purpose Joint Complound. This stuff has a lot of glue in it. You could even add a little glue to make it more sticky. You can then skim the whole surface with the joint compound, note, that adding water to the mud will help it to spread more evenly. this is going to be messy and frustrating for you since you don't spread mud for a living. But it is possible. Once you spread over the whole surface, sand it down to make it smooth. The smoother you aply the mud the less sanding you will have to do. I don't know how big your bathroom is but texturing may be out of the question unless you want to be creative. If you want to put a "spanish" type texture you can do this with your joint compound, just add sand. approx. 2 cups of sand for 1 cup of mud, does not need to be exact. Out more water so that it is a thin mix. Then have at it with the puddy knife. I can give details on texturing if need be latter on.
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If you are unable to remove all the wallpaper and adhesive, prime with zinnser's gardz. This will seal everything and prevent trouble with anything you apply over the mess.

I agree, skim coating woud be your best bet to make the walls look good again.

btw - welcome to the forums!
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Yikes, A sharp razor or hobby knife to carefully trim the wallpaper from around the moldings. I'd hate to take them off unless you have to... it can be kind of a pain to line up the corners again.

Have you tried one of the steam cleaners like Scunci? They make generic ones now (aldi, walmart, etc.) for under $20, it might loosen anything you think might still come off.

If stuff seems solid, just make sure nothing is shiny. Personally I'd prime it with Kilz or Zinnser, something good (best not to skimp on primer). If there is just too much texture showing through they make stuff at Home Depot that is texture paint. It would be an alternative to the drywall mud. Just saw it tonight for $23/2-gal. Looks like you just roll it on and it will help bury stuff like that. Personally I hate popcorn finish, but they had a sand finish and a smooth one. If you want a design (in either the texture paint or the drywall mud) I've had pretty nice luck using an old kitchen broom to create swirls. Good luck with your project!

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Agree--use the best primer you can buy. It will pay rewards in the end.

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