Fixing peeling wallpaper


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Fixing peeling wallpaper

I have some wallpaper that is starting to peel at seams & I'm seeking a quick-and-dirty fix - something that will be good for maybe 6 months to a year. I thinking a good adhesive - any recommendations?

FYI, my situation is that I'm selling my house & need to meet local codes in order for the sale to close. The house is a fixer-upper in a mediocre neighborhood & I DON'T want to remove wallpaper & paint - just want to clean it up a bit in the quickest manner possible.
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You should be able to squeeze some wallpaper adhesive under the loose paper. Be sure to smooth out any wrinkles in the paper before the adhesive dries. Elmers glue may also work.
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Most hardware stores carry a small tube of adhesive specifically for this purpose.It is clear and designed to be applied under peeling corners etc.Costs around 3-4 dollars.
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I met a guy who used a staple gun to hold the paper and then did some type of magic to hide the staples.
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Generally this is very hard to do. You end up spinning your wheels. But your best chance is a border glue called "vinyl over vinyl". Mark says Elmers glue and this works as well. Just not as stripper friendly.

The main tool to use is a heat gun and plastic wallcovering tool to smooth down. Good Luck!

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