How to match crows foot ceiling from 70's


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How to match crows foot ceiling from 70's

We are in the middle of several home improvement projects. Many of which including minor changes to the floor plan that require patches in the ceiling, the largest being 4'x2'.

My problem is, I've hired 2 different people that say they can match the ceiling and, both have been unsuccessful. They come in with artists paintbrushes or rags and make their attempt.

Does anyone know what tool was used to stomp the old crows feet pattern into the ceilings from the 70's ? And if the tool is still sold ?
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Do you have any pics of the existing ceiling to match?

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Ya, pics would help. use a free service like

Most of the older stomp textures were either done with a round brush or a single crowfoot brush. Most use a double crowfoot brush today - it covers more ground

I wouldn't know how to go about matching the texture with a rag or an artist brush
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Keep in mind that the original texture was done quickly. Think about how one would have been fast at what he did.
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All Ive ever used in all the years doing this texture was a burlap bag, wrapped around an oval 4-6'' sponge. Tie it off to make a handle. dip it in the mud , skake off the excess and get 2 dabs of texture per dip intersecting into one another with each dab, turning the bag at all times to not make a patern. Sometimes after it was textured, it was then troweled down slightly to flatten out small points if thats what the customer wanted. If there flat spots showing on your ceiling then they flattened it out after it set. When useing drywall compound ,I would pole sand lightly when dryed the next day over the points to knock them down if it needed too.

When doing this now on drywall, all I use is durabond 90 or sheetrock 90 setting compound's. It works the best, its smooth and creamy with no air pockets,you get no small check marks from shrinkage either if it drys up on you too fast.
But you have to work fast on it......
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Found Crows Foot Stomp Brush

Through further research, I found a popular website that sells the crow's foot texture brushes. Thanks for the help !

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