Re-Installing Towel Hooks


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Re-Installing Towel Hooks

I have -- er, had -- towel hooks in two places:

- On the back of a hollow-core door;

- Screwed into a plaster wall.

In both places, the wall anchors have actually slid out because of the weight of the towels.

Now, these are the old plastic bang-into-the-wall anchors, and not the 21st century-style screw-in anchors.

What's a good way to patch the plaster wall so I can screw the hooks back in?

And is there any good way to get the hooks into the back of the door?

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I recently reinstalled a towel rack for a woman who hung the nozzle to her steamer on it. Of course, the anchors weren't holding due to the weight. I used a few 3/16 x 3" toggle bolts instead of the anchors. I doubt that she will have that problem again.

The same bolts are probably too long to use on the door but you could put the bolt through the hole of the hook, screw on the wing nut about 1/2 way and cut the excess with a hack saw.

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