cutting holes in drywall


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cutting holes in drywall

I'm going to be cutting a bunch of holes in drywall ceiling for recessed lighting and would like to know the best tool/technique for cutting holes. I've used a keyhole saw before but if not careful the drywall gets broken around the cut. There must be a better alternative to get accurate, round hole cutouts without damaging the surrounding drywall?? Thanks.
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Use a Rotozip. They sell them at home depot. rotozip is a name brand but ryobi and dewalt also have this type of tool. Probably can get the cordless ryobi type for like 40 bucks. Ryobi calls it a rotary cutter. You could also goto the drywall isle of home depot and get a circle cutter hand tool. Set it for the size you want the hole, score the drywall with it then use your keyhole saw to cut the hole. Also the circle cutting tool (large compass) is good to use with the power tool I mentioned. Score the drywall with it and use the power tool in a counter clockwise path and it will follow score marks you made very easily with out veering off to a area you don't want to cut.
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You can use a large hole saw. I don't know how much they cost or if you can rent them. I recently helped my son install 4 can lights in his master bed rm [beadboard ceiling] He borrowed the saw from one of his customers [works in an elec suppy house]
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A rotozip would be a primary choice. I used one on my lath and plaster when I rewired and put new outlets in and wow what a great tool!! You burn threw blades w/ the lath and plaster but with drywall I bet 2 bits will get you 10 holes.

If you do not have access to one then you can get a drywall saw. Kobalt at Lowe's: Double Sided Drywall Saw

Good Luck
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I rotozip works well if you have one. If not, a regular drywall saw works decent too, it won't be as clean though.

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