How does this base / brown coat look?


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Smile How does this base / brown coat look?


Included are a few shots of the basecoat. I have more areas pretty true, Visually they look good, I do see a little variation in some areas with the 6' darby (the store called it a darby, but I think it is a featheredge). but in most areas my variation is around 1/8" over 6', a bit more in some areas.

I am going to have to put another coat of base on the ceiling to get it true and level, it just isn't there yet. That last photo shows some of the ceiling with a few extra dings in it, that is going to get covered again, then I was going to trowel it out, then do the light brushing just before it sets.

In these photos, I gave the base a very light brushing so the finish would have something to bite into, I know there are a few small trowel marks and such, but I assume that these 1/6" ish surface variations can be easily hidden with the finish coat.

So does this look like I am on the right track?



These 2 shots are inside corners:

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Usually you want to give the angles a little extra work with the straightedge. If you have a darby go from the field into the angle and back out. YOU want the angle nice and straight even if the field is not perfect it will give the illusion of perfect straightness. One other thing you need to know and this is easy to demonstrate but harder to describe. Last thing you do is take a clean trowel and cut both sides of your angles. Hold the trowel flat against one side of the angle and drag the trailing corner of the trowel along the angle cutting it through the plaster. Then do the same thing on the other side of the angle. You might end up with a little bead in the angle but when the plaster has set it will cut right off. This will give you a nice sharp, clean angle to finish. You also have one more chance to straighten the angle when you finish it. Some things you really need to be shown. Sorry.

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