Drywall not on stud center!!


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Drywall not on stud center!!

Hi there everone just wanted some expert opinions on drywall. Im currently putting up new drywall and i think i already ran into a problem, does drywall always have to fall on center of 2x4 studs when meeting with another piece of drywall or can it meet in between two studs.
Thanks alot.
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Your code authorities may or may not allow this but if you take a piece of 5/8 plywood about 5 - 6" wide and 4' long and screw it to one side of the joint then screw the other piece to the plywood essentially joining them in the middle of the stud bay by screwing each piece to the plywood it works. There are even specially made pieces of plywood for this that when used correctly will put a slight dip at the joint effectively creating a tapered joint at the butt.

If two pieces are joined between studs with no backing it will crack sooner than later.
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You can also add a stud if you don't want to cut the sheetrock. It's normal to have some waste.

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