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Small round disk shapes coming away from plaster

Small round disk shapes coming away from plaster


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Small round disk shapes coming away from plaster

Hi all

We moved a couple of years ago into a newly refurbished cottage. Over the years we've slowly started to see that on both ceilings and walls we are getting these small areas of plaster coming away.

They are about an inch in diameter and it looks like something has pushed the plaster out from the inside. Strangely the whole circle doesn't all fall off but instead you get a outside of it showing the bare plaster underneath. It seems to be more related to plaster board walls than the brick walls.

Has anyone come across this problem and how best to fix it?

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Old 08-09-09, 07:35 AM
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Wecome to the forum! This is primarily a North American forum, as that is where most of the experts have their experience. But some things are pretty universal.

I believe what you are describing is called a "nail" pop here in the states. When the plasterboard (what we call drywall or sheetrock) is installed, they use nails with large flat heads to hold it to the framing, hammering them in causes a slight dimple. Then they put a thin coat of "compound" over all the dimples and sand flush with the wall. Then either a skim coat of compound is put over the whole wall or the wall is primed and painted. Over time..due to stresses or temp fluctuations, or not enough nails being used..the nails can loosen slightly and cause the compound over them to "pop". Sometimes completely off, sometimes just so it looks like a blister.

Here in the US almost all shreetrock is now installed using screws. Sometimes a few nails just to hold it in place, then the entire sheet is screwed down. I believe some places even require beads of adhesive be put on the wood framing then the screws. It has greatly reduced the amount of "pops". They still can happen, just not as often.

The normal fix I believe is to remove the pop or blister, drive a drywall screw in right near the nail, making sure it penetrates to the underlying wood completely, then re coat with compound, sand and paint or plaster.

You might be better served talking to a local expert as some materials and techniques may differ in your region.

Hope this helps.

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