Green Board vs Cement Board vs Sheet Rock


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Green Board vs Cement Board vs Sheet Rock

Can someone please answer, once and for all, what exactly one is suppose to use in the bathroom? I have an old plastic tub surround, so when that comes down I'm not sure what I'll find or what condition it will be in. I'd like to use subway tile for the tub/shower surround, but not sure what to use as it's base.

The other existing walls in the 1956 bathroom appear to be standard old sheet rock, but they too are ruined by very old wallpaper that sticks to it and refuses to let matter how hard I tried. The lower half of the walls had the old fake tile looking paneling and when we took it off we were left with walls full of old black mastik or glue of some sort. Either way, it looks like the walls are gonna need to come down, so here in lies the major questions.

What is appropriate to use on non-wet walls in the bathroom?
What to use around wet/moisture walls in the bathroom? Or is it best to use the same material through out the entire bathroom? Please Help!!!
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IMO green board has out lived it's usefullness. Cement board is a much better choice for tile - especially in a wet location! Regular drywall paints better than greenboard and as long as the bath rm walls are primed and painted with a latex enamel [any sheen] they have all the protection they need.
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Green Board vs Cement Board vs Sheet Rock

Thanks much for the info.

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