crack in wall


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crack in wall

There is a thin crackline from the top of the ceiling(cathedral) for about three feet down. Is it best to caulk it and wait, or cut a v and fill with spackle, or use fiberglass tape and mud it.
Thank you
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Is the crack out in the wall or does it run down the inside corner edge? If it's in the corner - caulk would be the easiest fix, should hold up well and not be noticable

Do you have plaster or drywall?

Generally joint compound is a better choice than spackling, and a setting compound [durabond, easysand] is better than j/c. Usually a taped joint will do the best. The sticky fiberglass tape has a poor record. If you do use it, it's best to use a setting compound.
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The crack is about four feet out in the wall and about three feet long.
I already caulked it and am planning to paint it soon.
I will see how it holds up and if there is a problem I will use the paper tape and a setting compound. I had forgotten about it so thanx a lot.

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