Removing double botched wall pluggs


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Removing double botched wall pluggs

Hi! I'm installing some curtain rods and when hammering (I thought I was doing it lightly...) in the bottom wall plug for one of the holders, it broke off half way in.

That would've been fine enough to remove... but I foolishly tried to drill through it and push it in to put another wall plug in... The 2nd plug went in smoothly and all the way, but, upon inspection, it seems like it's smooshed down inside the hole against the other mostly obliterated plug...

So i have 2 1/4" plastic plugs in 1: 1/4" hole and I'm not sure how to remove them without destroying the drywall and new paint.

I'm reluctant to drill between the two plugs and a screw won't reasonably fit into either (inserting the 2nd plug barely widened the hole at all).

Any ideas? :-D
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Sounds like you are hitting the edge of a stud.. maybe it is not plumb since you did not hit one on top--not unheard of--drive a finish nail in to see what is up--if you hit wood use just a screw unless it is the edge of a stud-if it is hollow try to pull out the second one with needle nose pliers or if that is not happening shave off the part that is up against the drywall [don't know what type anchor you used??] that keeps it from going through [so you do not damage the drywall ] and make it unusable--then push it through with a PH screwdriver or something similar and use a wall anchor like this that fits in a slightly bigger hole-and is removable+ they hold a lot-they sell small amounts in the depot--

Google Image Result for

don't get exited peeps--just dropping in

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