Patching Ceiling Stress Crack


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Patching Ceiling Stress Crack

I have a ceiling below an attic that continually cracks when walking and storing items. Is there something I can use to absorb the ceiling movement besides completely rebuilding the ceiling?
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As you probably already know, your ceiling joists are likely not strong enough to support the loads you put on them by walking and adding items. There is no magic flexible product you can smear on your walls that will reduce cracking. The only solution is to stop or reduce the deflection. Put heaviest storage items directly over load bearing walls, or move them as close to outside walls as possible, leaving spaces toward the middle of the spans empty, if possible.

The best option is to beef up the floor joists with bigger joists. Next option would be to try and beef up the existing joists with a few well placed gussets, tying them to the rafters like a truss. The least desirable option might include subfloor adhesive and 3/4" sheathing on the floor to stiffen the floor slightly and help tie the joists together. Least desirable because it is not a structural solution, and adding more sheathing is also adding even more weight to your poor overloaded joists.

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