damaged plaster


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damaged plaster

HELP!! My son lost his temper and put his fist through the plaster in his stairwell....so it is literally a fist sized hole. Also. while rough housing he fell against the wall and 'collapsed' 2 different areas. 1 area is 12" x 12 " and the other area is 12" x 24". I want to paint this weekend...any ideas?
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What happened to the hand?

You must mean drywall. One would have major hand damage if he put his fist through a plaster wall, though I suppose there would be less damage if he put his fist through the wall than if he did not go through.

There are dozens of posts here about repairing drywall.

A fist sized one can be done with a butterfly AKA bandaid, AKA hot patch.

The collapsed areas should be replaced. There must be dozens of posts about how to do a drywall patch. I like to use butterflys on even larger ones. I remove a little of the face paper on the good wall and leave the paper flange on the replacement. Install nailers at the perimeters then the flanges lap onto the strip where the face paper has been removed and you have a flat patch. Finish, texture to match prime and paint.
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One method is to cut out the damage area and then replace the damage area with new drywall. You should be able to get a 2x2 piece at your local lumber store. Re-install the new piece and tape and mud the joints. Once the compound has been smoothed and is dried you may then prime and paint. Hope this helps.

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