Color matching repaired popcorn


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Color matching repaired popcorn

How do you tint the color of the popcorn patch repair material. In the past, when I put on the "tinted" patch from Homex or the Kiltz stain blocker, that color is always much whiter than the surrounding popcorn. What tint do you use to "age" the repair to match the surrounding area?
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There were literally dozens of brands of aggregated texture when those were popular. Each of them was a little different shade. Environmental conditions in the house affect the present color. Your best bet is to get a texture match then paint the lid.

I suppose you could tint the patch material but the only way I know to do it is by trial and error. That could take days to make a sample, put it on, let it dry, adjust the color and try again and again. Then there is a good chance that the color matched patch will age differently than the original. It would be faster to patch it taking pains to match the texture then paint.

And remember: "Texture is color and color is texture." Even something so slight as a different angle of the sprayer compared to the original will look a different color even when all painted the same.

Now might be a good time to take it all off and modernize.

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I've never bothered to get the popcorn texture color repair to match the rest of the ceiling. Painting the entire ceiling takes care of any color differences and if you intend to keep the popcorn - it should be painted.

I do agree that removing the popcorn is the best option

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