Texturing new drywall


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Texturing new drywall

I've recently completed rebuilding a living room wall that had water damage from a defective window.

The window was replaced. I installed new wall studs and insulation. I installed the new drywall last weekend.

The seams have been taped with fiberglass tape. I will bed the fiberglass tape, and cover the screw heads, this coming weekend. And, yes, I know that I need to apply several thin coats, with dry time and sanding in between, on the seams and screw heads. So far everything is going according to plan.

All the walls in my house have the "smeared" texture look from spreading joint compound with a trowel. I don't think it will be a problem to match this texture on the new drywall.

My question is regarding the texturing of the new drywall. Should I apply a thin layer of joint compound over the entire new drywall surface first? Then let it dry and lightly sand before I texture it?

Or, is it okay to just go ahead and apply the joint compound, with the "smearing" technique, over the new drywall as it is?
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Finish tapeing your joints and screws, Sand smooth and then apply your texture.
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Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well. I'm not a drywall texturing expert so I wanted some feedback on whether one way would be better than the other.

The previous owners did the texturing job. It looks fine, and all the walls match the same texturing style. And, from what I can tell, they applied the new texture over the existing untextured, but painted, walls.

Would it make a difference if I painted the wall with Kilz after I am done covering the seams and screw heads?

I know I need to apply Kilz, before painting the wall, after I'm done with the texturing. But, will the joint compound, while texturing, adhere better to a painted, or unpainted, drywall surface?
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The fiberglass 'sticky' tape is more prone to failure than the paper tape. If you use a setting compound like durabond or easy sand, the sticky tape will have a better chance of staying stuck. The better you finish the drywall, the less chance there is of any finishing defects from showing thru the texture.

Some prefer to prime the wall prior to texture but it will still need priming after the texture dries. The only real advantage to priming the wall/ceiling prior to texture is the texture will dry at a more consistent rate..... but that doesn't affect how the texture will look after it's dried, primed and painted. Joint compound and texture will adhere fine to painted or unpainted surfaces. The only time there is an issue with using j/c over paint is if the paint has a lot of sheen.

There are better primers other than kilz to use on new drywall. I'm not sure what would be available at a big box but your local paint store will have a better selection - advice too.
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I think I'll go ahead and prime the wall before I texture it. It's not a big wall, so even though it is one extra step, it won't take too long.

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