uneven surface


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uneven surface

I removed a fixture and some wallpaper peeled further than I wanted it to. I primed with 1,2,3 the painted it.
You can still see a line where the paper was peeled but it is raised only a teeny bit.
I'm afraid sanding might make a mess but I could be wrong.
I have some easy sand 5, regular mud, and spackle.
How should I even this surface?
Thank you
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I like durabond 45. That's just my personal preference.
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Is it wallpaper that peeled and is painted over? or is it the paper face of the drywall itself that peeled?

Anyway either the regular j/c or the setting compound will work. Spackling could only be used around the edges - it's not formulated to be used as a skim coat. You would not want to sand the edge where the paper was removed, it's always better to mud over it and then lightly sand the mud, prime and paint.
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The EasySand 5 truly sets in a little more than five minutes. For an area as small as this sounds it should work just fine. Make sure you lay it down very smoothly for it it is not easy to sand.

I like to lay it on tightly then just as it sets mist it with a little water and slide the trowel over it to slick it down. You can do this more than once but make sure to lubricate the patch or the trowel each time or it will drag. You can smooth this almost as smooth as glass if you time it right.
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uneven surface

Thanx guys for the tips - I'm off to get it done.

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