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screw pops when repairing sagging drywall ceiling

screw pops when repairing sagging drywall ceiling


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screw pops when repairing sagging drywall ceiling

Drywall ceiling was sagging by around 1" on just one of the wood ceiling supports. Sag has been there for years and was probably due to poor installation or foot damage from attic.

When I tried to screw it tight, the screws kept punching through the drywall even though I tried to spread them out and go a little at a time.

As a temporary solution, I screwed a block of wood against it from the painted side, which brought it into place, but of course looks ugly.

I'm thinking best solution might be to unscrew it to re-open the gap, apply drywall glue from the attic above, then re-screw the wood block tight again from below, add more screws from below, then let the glue set for awhile before removing the block. Good plan???

I hate to buy a whole tube of drywall adhesive just for this one repair, but its the only solution I can think of.

If I leave it screwed tight with the wood block but no glue for about week, is the drywall likely to get used to its new shape?

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The block of wood was the correct approach. Now, this may not be standard, but I have had to shape drywall for curved arches and it simply requires moisture. If you can access the drywall from the attic, with the wood block still in place, place a couple of wet towels over the area that needs to forget where it has been. Obviously you don't want to pour water up there, but a steady application of moisture and that drywall will become not so dry and should learn to be flat. Then, let it dry before you attempt to add new screws.

If that fails, you can remove a section, replace, tape and paint and if it goes as usual, it will look like a covered up attic entrance. I've gotten better over the years, but my first jobs were nothing to show off. I think that is why they invented textured paints.

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Moisture as Bud directed will help, you could also mist it with a spray bottle. Sometimes you can take wood and prop up the sagging section, screw it and be good to go. Expecting the screws alone to draw the ceiling back up almost never works

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