smoothing over stucco


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smoothing over stucco

I have and aluminum siding room addition that has one wall which has the exterior stucco on it (it used to be the outside patio wall) is there anyway to smooth it out? drywall mud etc.... thanks
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No expert...but gotta ask...what kind of surface to you want when yer done? Just relatively smooth and paintable...or super smooth like the rest of the house?

One of the things that is done all the time is to skim coat ext stucco homes to "modernize" the look.

Or you could install furring strips and put up sheetrock...but you will lose the floorspace for the thickness of the wall....
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I would think a setting compound like durabond would be better than regular j/c BUT I agree with Vic that the best way to go would be to fur out the wall and install drywall... or paneling, whatever tickles your fancy

btw - welcome to the forums!

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