texturing over wallpaper glue


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texturing over wallpaper glue

my son removed his kitchen wallpaper so he can texture the walls and paint. he easily pulled off the wallpaper. BUT he didn't realize that he left all the glue on the walls. (i assume its the glue....it looks and feels like suede cloth---a tiny bit soft, fuzzy feeling).

does he need to remove the glue before he textures? or can he use just paint over the glue with a good quality primer? if so, should it be an oil based primer? what brand? we are in the houston area, if that matters.

if he needs to remove the glue, what is the best method?

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He needs to remove as much glue as possible. Getting the wallpaper adhesive wet and scrubbing with a rag or sponge works best - rinse the sponge/rag often.

When you can't remove all the adhesive, sand the wall and apply either an oil base primer of zinnser's gardz. Gardz is the only water based primer I'd recomend using for this, most any oil base primer will work.
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Wallpaper glue removal

What you need is sandpaper,some "Gardz Problem Surface Sealer" and fair amount of elbow grease.
Let us know how it went.
Good luck.
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Dif Quick

I just stripped my bedroom walls of the wallpaper and glue using Dif Quick. The wallpaper peeled off with ease. The glue that was left on the wall was a bit more work. Well, more time consuming, if anything. Dif Gel does work but, it's pretty sloppy. Dif Quick wasn't as messy and it worked like a charm. Just spray it onto the glue, let it soak for 2-5 minutes and scrape it off with a putty knife. Once the glue is mostly gone, go over it with a palm sander, just to smooth the wall down.

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