preparing to paint


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preparing to paint

I live in a 28' wide mobile home, which I would like to paint. The interior walls have sheet rock with wallpaper like covering. between each sheet are battens. I would like to permanently remove the battens and put silicone caulk, smoothed with a putty knife. Someone told me to then prime the walls with KILZ-1. Any corrections or suggestions?
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Wont the silicon fall behind the sheet rock where the furring strips are?
I would probably remove just one first to try if it goes well applying the silicon. You can also put some rubber strings between the sheet rock sheets so you can have some support for the silicon.
Are you going to paint over the wallpaper-silicon afterwards?
I dont know what the wallpaper is but its the first time I hear painting over silicon.
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You'll need to use a solvent based primer first so your paint will stick to the vinyl covering over the drywall. Don't remove the vinyl! it's not like regular wallpaper - it takes the place of the drywall paper face on conventional drywall, removal would expose the gypsum core. The oil base kilz would be a suitable primer, latex kilz would not.

The correct way to finish off where the batten strips are [after removal] is to tape and finish them like you would any drywall joint. I'm a little leery of doing this because any slight movement of the walls can cause the j/c and tape to crack

fyi - paint doesn't adhere well to G.E. silicone caulk but will adhere to siliconized acrylic latex caulk.

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