Patching Knockdown Texture


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Patching Knockdown Texture

I have some joints that have to be retaped, and I would like to have any advice on how to match the existing knockdown texture after I repair the tape job.

The original drywaller had an air compressor and gun to splatter drywall compound and then knocked it down with a wide drywall knife. I have an air compressor but not the gun. I haven't checked if it is possible to rent a gun or what it would cost to buy a gun.
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It's called a hopper gun. Mine's a goldblatt that I bought used for $25 about 25 yrs ago. I've seen some cheap ones for sell [new] for about the same price. I don't know how good their quality is but there aren't many working parts to a hopper gun so I guess the cheap ones would be ok. You might also be able to rent one.

The biggest trick is getting the j/c mixed to the right consistency. Heavier mud = heavier texture, thinner mud = lighter texture. It's also possible to touch up the texture using a brush to apply the j/c and then knocking it down with a drywall knife. I've had limited success with that method IMO spraying works best but it is messy! you need to cover up a good size area - or have a lot of clean up to do
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Best to practice on scrap wood or cardboard until your technique matches the wall and only then move to working on the wall itself
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If your patch is small I have had OK luck using my hand like a claw and goobing (yes, that is the technical term) the J/C on the wall and knocking it down with a knife. Again, use a test piece and see what you can come up with. I have also heard using crumpled up newspaper and knocking it down but I have not tried this or seen it done.
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If the area is not too large the aerosol cans work about as well as anything. It's all about timing. Don't knock it down too soon. If you have time let the taping coats dry overnight before putting on the knockdown.

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