Replacing bathroom walls

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I just purchased a brick bungalow. It's in pretty bad shape and I am planning to do the work myself. I have never done more than put up a shelf before! All the walls need patching, but the exterior wall in the bathroom needs to be replaced. There is a tub surround up and I know there is plaster underneath. How do I go about drywalling this? Can I attached the drywall to the wood lathes? Do I need to rip them out and frame? If so, how the heck do I frame it? Come on guys, help me out.

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If your wall isnt waving at you then you should be able to apply your drywall directly over top of the plaster.Just be sure to remove any loose plaster and shim the voids with drywall or plywood scraps attached to the lav boards with screws until level with your existing walls.The most important thing to remember about drywall is that it will conform to the shape of the surface its applied to,so any large voids will have to be shimmed. As long as your wall is relativly level and your screws are long enough to get a good bite in the existing wall(2 1/2") it will stay.Now this will only work if your existing wall is relativly solid if the plaster is begining to come loose from the lav in large areas or the wall appears to be swollen you will need to remove the plaster which is EXTEMLY messy.Remove the plaster and leave your lav boards in place check them keeping in mind their levelness and if they appear to be ok then fill in any missing boards in areas over 1 ft. and hang away.Youll only need about a 2" screw for this application. If the boards are a loss as well remove them and you can apply your drywall to the studs themselves.this would be a good time to insulate if you plan to.When applying drywall to the studs 1 5/8" screws should do the trick.Be sure to mark the location of your studs with a mark on the floor and cieling and try to keep your screws in a line between these two marks. This will keep your screws in the stongest part of the wall.Hopfully something Ive said will help you drop back in and let us know how its going.


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