Do I need to re-tape corners?


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Do I need to re-tape corners?

I recently removed the old grass cloth wallpaper on my foyer walls that I put up 25 years ago. This required sanding the old paper backing off the walls because that was the only way to get it all off. In the process of taking all the old paper backing off, I wound up sanding all the way down to the drywall, taking the original single coat of paint off too.

In the corners, we apparently cut through the drywall tape and mud when we hung the grass cloth. Now the corners have cracks/gaps. Do I need to re-tape and mud the corners now? Seems like that would add more bulk to the corners since they still have the original tape and mud from when the drywall was installed. I was thinking about caulking the corners with a paintable latex caulk instead of taping. We will be painting the walls with a semi-gloss paint after I finish the prep work.

Suggestions would be appreciated.
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Well, the answer to your question "Do I need to..." depends entirely on if and how much movement there is across that corner. The house may have settled and it's not moving at all now, or if your house is built on a slab, it might not be moving either. On the other hand, there might be so much movement across that corner that mud and tape won't make any difference anyway.

What I do to fill cracks is simply mix some white wood glue in some drywall joint compound (to make it sticker and dry both harder and stronger) and stick that into the crack or gap whatever way works (using fingers to moosh it in is fair ball), and then when that joint compound is still wet (but starting to stiffen up), I wipe those cracks or gaps down with a damp sponge. The sponge removes the joint compound around the crack, but removes very little from the crack or gap itself.

Then I let that dry, prime and paint.

That way, you haven't invested hardly any work, and you can always tape and mud that corner in the future.
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Before you do anything, I'd recommend priming the walls with either an oil base primer or zinnser's gardz. That will seal any exposed gypsum and prevent any remaining adhesive from being an issue later.

Caulking will probably be ok in the corners although retaping shouldn't show since the mud will be floated out 6"-8" from the corner. Since you intend to use a semi-gloss enamel, you need to make double sure you have the drywall in decent shape - the sheen will highlight any defects. A satin enamel might be a better choice for the finish paint.
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Semi-gloss can be a nightmare if your walls aren't smooth so make sure you get all the prep work done first

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