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A few questions about plaster patching and varnish removal

A few questions about plaster patching and varnish removal


Old 02-08-11, 02:09 PM
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A few questions about plaster patching and varnish removal

I am getting ready to screen and recoat oak flooring. Yesterday, when I removed all of the trim, and I found that

1. the plaster that the baseboards were attached to is crumbling and falling out in chunks in several places; and
2. There is a long bead of varnish and paint build-up all along where the baseboards met the floor.

How to fix the crumbling plaster? I have ready-mix joint compound, would that do the trick? I am going to skim coat the walls in preparation for painting.

How do I remove the raised bead of decades of varnish and paint build up?

The house is a Cap Cod-style 2 bed, 2 bath built in 1942.

If anyone who has read any of my previous threads sees this, I'd like to share a victory I had last night: I removed an old metal electrical box and lightswitch, and replaced it with an old work plastic box and a new switch. It was done perfectly, if I may engage in a bit of self congratulation, with the box and switch perfectly level using a small bubble level. Man, is that a good feeling when you flip that switch and the light comes on!
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Old 02-09-11, 04:13 AM
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While j/c can be used to repair plaster, IMO it's better to use a setting compound like durabond - it dries harder [similar to plaster] If the area to be repaired is dusty, you should prime it first so the compound can bond better.

Not sure I understand about the varnish bead but if the base is sealed to the floor [or wall] with varnish and you need to remove the base - use a utility knife to cut the bond between the floor/wall and the baseboard.

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