patching drywall behind baseboard


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patching drywall behind baseboard

I've been ripping out baseboard molding all around our house this weekend and found a few spots where there's a hole about the size of a gold ball in the drywall. I'm not sure if I should patch it or not. At least one of the holes is completely through the drywall (other spots the drywall is just a bit beat up). The holes don't extend above where the top of the baseboard would be. In fact, I'm going to be replacing the baseboards with one that's about an inch higher. What do you think? This is my first project, so I simply don't know if I'm over-thinking things here. There are also wall corners that I can see the mesh-wiring showing through -- so I also don't know if I should bother touching all those up with compound, too. Obviously these parts of the wall don't show, but I don't want to ignore it if it's going to give me problems later with something else.

I can post a picture later today if you think it's helpful.
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It shouldn't be a problem to leave it as is, especially if it doesn't affect how the base sits on the wall. Adding j/c might produce a hump that would complicate or interfere with the new base installation.

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