Concrete Resurfacing


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Does anyone have any suggestions for a homemade mix of portland cement to resurface a concrete floor with minor irregularities ? The commercial levelers/resurfacers seem to very expensive per sq.ft.
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buy a bag of mortar mix,and a bottle of sometype of bonding adhesive sold for will also need a bit of fine mortar sand.mix these in a 5 gal bucket in amounts that you can effectivly spread in about 5-10 minutes.spread the mixture on the concrete and allow it to dry,Be sure to spread it as thin as possible and still fill your imperfections.allow this to set for several hrs then obtain a piece of burlap cloth,rub the surface in a sanding type motion until your suited with its smoothness. The mix should be about 4 parts mortar mix, 3 parts sand, 1 part glue.make sure to use only very fine mortar sand or else the larger stone pieces in other types of sand will cause roughness in your final surface.Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Concrete Resurfacing

This sounds like an excellent method!I will certainly try it out(when it warms up) and let you know the results.Thanks!
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Somewhere around here I have a bottle of the glue.Ive been lOOking for it but as of yet no luck.When I find it or go to lowes Ill post and try to be more specific on its proper name.


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