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We have a window on the outside wall of our shower. We've let it go for so long (yeah...I know) and now the paint and plaster are crumbling. Problem: The window is set in approximately 2 inches. Do I have to cut all new pieces of drywall? Can I get away with scraping the old plaster and applying new plaster? How do I do my corners?
Note: There are very little cracks and we've ruled out leaks above and outside the wall.
Any info is greatly appreciated!
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Depending on the severity of the damage you may be able to reconstruct your current wall surface with lightweight joint compound.If you have a square point to use as a reference you can slowly rebuild the surface with several thin coats and some drywall tape.the small cracks can be scraped,sanded, and filled with the same compound.If the crumbling is extremely severe you may need to place sheetrock over the entire area which means to keep your wall even youll need to do the entire can use drywall tape on the corners that meet other walls and something known as corner bead for the outside corners like the ones around your window.This is available at most all home improvment centers and is simply a piece of metal bent to 90 deg with holes for nails and drywall compound to pass through.this will give you your smooth corners.hope this has helped and covered at least most of what your asking please keep us up to date on your progress.

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what is going on is the steam from the shower has gotten into the plaster, what you need to do is remove all the water damaged plaster, now depending on what year your home was built, it either has wood lath which would mean it was built around 1930 or earlier, if it has what looks like drywall, then it has rocklath, you'll want to make sure there is no black mold on the board, if there is remove it, install new sheetrock you can use 1/2" green board, then you should get yourself some Durabond 90 in the brown bag, use this as your basecoat, after it drys take and put topping compound over this and work it to a smooth finish, after it drys over night, then sand out, you can prime and then spackle any pott marks or low spots, now sand and paint two finish coats
good Luck
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