Sheetrocking North-South vs East-West


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Sheetrocking North-South vs East-West

I have a 9' wall that is about 30' long. The studs are 16 on center. I'm not a great a matter of fact I'm a bad taper. Most of my experience has been to run the sheetrock lengthwise and staggered so that a tape line doesn't go from ceiling to floor. This wall is so straight and true that I think I can run 10' sheetrock cut to 9' in a north-south direction for the length of the wall incorporating the beveled edge exclusively. Is there any reason that this is a bad idea?

Also, has anybody heard anything bad about that the lightweight sheetrock they are selling these days?
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Lightweight sheetrock is 10 years past due. It and sliced bread are close seconds. My guys thank me for buying it, especially for ceilings. I hate to sheetrock, but we do what we can to make $. Running your sheets vertically is perfectly fine. You have a little waste, but if you are willing to live with it, rock and roll!!
You will have 7 vertical seams as opposed to 4 vertical and one long horizontal one. That one horizontal one may be an eye catcher if it isn't done almost perfectly, so vertical is good.
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If I understand correctly, you want to hang the rock vertically instead of horizontally ??

I'd buy the 54" wide drywall and hang it horizontally. Less scrap and it's a whole lot easier to tape a long run at the mid point in the wall than it is to tape from the ceiling to floor. Although the wall looks good and straight now, hanging the rock vertically will amplify any waves in the framing - horizontally will minimize the effect.

I've not used the lightweight rock.
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I'm with Mark, I'd go 54" sheets and hang horizontally (cutting one in half to stagger the joints so you don't get any floor to ceiling vertical joints)
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Commercial jobs they always hang the rock vertically. You will always will have tapered joints to fill instead of butt joints so they will finish better. You can also buy 9' rock and have no waste. It is common at the local Menard's and drywall supply shops.
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Thanks gentlemen for all the input, I didn't know you could get 54" sheetrock, although I have seen 16' long sheetrock.
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On the east and west walls run the drywall north and south.
On the north and south walls run it east and west.

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