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I could use some suggestions on how to handle a problem with a corner in my house where the drywall separates every winter.

The house is standard woodframe construction, second floor, outer wall corner, constructed ~ 15 years ago. The problem is that between summer and winter (I live in cold Canada), the drywall on the two walls of the corner appear to separate by ~ 1/8" or so. This is enough to crack the drywall taping job I attempted last time!

I don't know if it is the cold or the humidity (although the corner does not feel especially cold compared to the rest of the wall), but every winter the corner separates like clockwork.

Any suggestions on a permanent fix?

Thanks in advance!
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I have the same problem that your having. I attempted to fix it before winter and the same thing happened again. The only thing I can cum up with is that when they built the house they didnt leave the correct gap between the corner and the nails. I read in a mag that you should leave about eight or nine inchs between the corners and the screw line. Let me know how it goes.
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Chris W, I don't have a lot for you but to have you tried fiberglass tape. This will stretch to some degree before opening up. It sounds like you have general house movement(duh) and there is not a lot to be done about this. I live in the prairie belt of the deep south and as a house painter see shifting you wouldn't believe. To my knowledge there is no cure for this....Mike
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well being that your up in Canada, yes your house will exspand and contract through the seasons, there maybe a couple of things going on here, First when they built your house they may not have tied the corners together to good, the second thing maybe the drywallers didn't put the board close enough together, now what you need to do is get yourself a product called Durabond, It comes in brown bags not the stuff in the white bag, get yourself some 90 that's it's setting time, this is a self setting joint compound, it will get as hard as cement when it drys, so take and pack the corner with it, take a 6" taping knife and pull it tight, now let it set up, about an hour it should be hard, shave off any lines, now take and mix up another pan of it and then get some drywall paper tape, then tape and mud after it drys top it off with topping compound let it dry over night and the sand out to a nice smooth finish, prime and paint, Good luck Frank

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