seam cracks


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seam cracks

its driving me crazy, im plastering my first floor ceilings with unical, im about halfway done, had to pause for the summer, but about a few monthe after i paused all my seams had hairline cracks in them,butts as well as taper seams. to begin ,we did a second level and i plastered that nearly 300 sheets ,no cracks, second floor system is 2x10 no run over 14 ft. solid blocking every 4'.then conventional strapping every 16". i must rule out deflection or setteling,im just not seeing what would indicate either of those issues. i used fiberglass mesh tape, also i had used retarder in the mix as per directions.,same recipe as upstairs, the ceilings are texture swirl.. any remedy for my problem to avoid this when i continue to finish the rest of the project and tips on repairing the cracks?
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Lightbulb Easy fix

Little cracks .if tiney and no safty issues,depending on color of ceiling put caulk on it. Almond and or white i mix them if silcone be texurized use finger to somewhat match design
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I'm not familiar with unical but I would think you could thin some down and 'paint' the cracks with it.
Caulking would also work although you'd need to use care to not have any build up along the edges [it might show] Siliconized acrylic caulk [paintable] is fine to use, just don't use a pure silicone caulk [not paintable].
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Henceforth use paper tape. I think I read in Goldbond's literature that paper tape should should always be used with steel studs, or when rapid drying conditions exist. I am pretty sure that USG's literature for similar products says the same thing. As with conventional drywall I think that paper tape is superior to mesh in veneer plaster applications as well. Set the tape with setting joint compound.

If I were fixing the cracks I think I would cut out on either side of the crack enough to put paper tape in the trough and plaster again. I don't know of an easy way to make the cut. Maybe try scoring an inch either side of the crack then scoring across that and maybe with luck you can remove the Unical.
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thanks for the advise, the ceiling is a 'spanish' type finish, im terrified if i started trenching the tape my repair would look horriffic, in one spot i tried smudging in joint compound with my thumb and spongeing to feather itin, it looked ok for a while but recracked. suppose ill try a small toothpaste sized tube of phenoseal and feather with a sponge to blend into the texture
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If the cracks keep coming back, you need to tape them. I'm for paper tape over the mesh stuff as well.
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Guys, we are having a virus called caulk going through our threads. For proper crack repair you DONT use Caulk.

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