Stucco or drywall mud or other ideas..


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Stucco or drywall mud or other ideas..

Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I am trying to help a friend who is in need of some insulation/ and apperance at the same time. He has moved into a previous beauty shop that was converted into a small apartment. The bedroom is above a concrete patio and part of the ceiling is the old aluminum awning.

There is no insulation above the aluminum and it is maintaing the cold air and there is no way to add insulation at this time above.

I am thinking of placing some foam insulation boards to this portion of the ceiling, but I was wondering if anybody has done this and the finished it with some sort of procedure that would allow it to look like some kind of drywall effect by applying a material that could be finished and painted, with the idea that the insulation board would help maintain the heat.

Anybody have any ideas???

Many thanks in advance.
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there is no way to add insulation at this time above.

Can you explain why? Tearing off the aluminum, insulating and hanging drywall would be the way to go. Drywall isn't all that expensive, might be cheaper than the styrofoam boards.
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Is the ceiling the roof? How high is this above the floor? Could you add some joists and then install batt insulation and a ceiling?

I bet this gets hot in the summer, too.

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