spackle or compound over silicone residue


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spackle or compound over silicone residue

We hired a painter to re-mud the bathroom as the paint peeled off (whole nother story), and we wanted him to patch the gauges around the tub surround that are jagged and uneven, most 1/8-1/4" deep as well as some small holes about 1/2" deep. He didn't patch to repair the gauges, rather he added caulk which looks awful, so I proceeded to dig it out and redo myself. I know painters like caulk but I thought it was a huge "no-no" to use silicone on painted surfaces. My question is can I leave residual silicone caulk and spacke or joint compound over the residue or even the full bead of caulk. It's a nightmare to remove this stuff, but I wwanted it done right. Which would you recommend, spackle or compound or even caulk and spackle? Thanks for any help
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It really depends on how much silicone is there. Joint compound won't adhere to silicone but it will adhere to the surrounding areas - if that is enough, it will be ok. Otherwise it would be best to prime the areas in question with a pigmented shellac like Zinnser's BIN. It will adhere to the silicone and the j/c will adhere to the BIN.

As a painter I also like caulking but I also believe in using the correct material for the job at hand. Not sure why he would have used caulking when he was hired to fix it with j/c.
Even if he had to use caulk, why silicone hope you didn't pay him for that work!

btw - welcome to the forums!

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