1/16 inch skim coat?


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1/16 inch skim coat?

Hi folks,

I'm a drywall newbie, learning as I go - sorry if this is a basic question.

I installed a new bathroom fan and have to do a small 10"x4" patch because the new fan is smaller that the old. The existing ceiling appears to be really old gypsym wall board with a thick plaster coat on it - total thickness is about 7/8". The new drywall is 1/2" thick, so I shimmed the new patch piece out to try to make it level. I ended up leaving it recessed about 1/16" relative to the original ceiling, thought that would be easier to deal with than the other way around.

What's the best thing to use to fill up that 1/16 inch difference? I read that you're not supposed to skim coat with spackle. Do I actually need to use plaster? Will joint compound work?

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While some folks call j/c spackle it is a totally different product that can't be use for skim coating. Joint compound will work fine. A setting compound like durabond is what I normally use for repairing plaster...... but the j/c will be ok.
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Joint compound shrinks. It might take more than one coat. It's better to put on a thin coat and let it dry and have to put on a second coat (maybe a third) than to try to put it all on at once and have it be wavy and have to sand more. If you have to buy material to do this get some setting compound like EasySand. It does not get as hard as Durabond but it is easier to sand. You can put on a second coat as soon as the first coat sets. Let it dry completely before you sand it.
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I've got some joint compound already, I will give that a try. Next time I will try out Easy Sand. Thank you both very much for you help!!

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