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plaster ceiling repair..cover with sheetrock?

plaster ceiling repair..cover with sheetrock?


Old 03-02-12, 02:29 PM
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plaster ceiling repair..cover with sheetrock?

so this is the ceiling in question. It's difficult to tell from the photo, but it's in pretty bad shape. In the worst areas, it is dipping down about 3-4 inches. About 1/2 of the surface area needs to be repaired. It's a pretty large room, probably 20x20ft.

Instead of patching this, or removing sections, I was considering just screwing 1/4 sheets of drywall up and covering the entire ceiling. My concern with doing this is the drooping areas. Should I just scrape the plaster off in the drooping areas? Should I just rock right over them and hope the screws push the ceiling up?

Has anybody ever tried this before? I can't really use half inch drywall because it won't butt up with the crown molding properly.

editops, just realized there is a ceiling and walls subsection, moderators feel free to move it there

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Old 03-03-12, 06:05 AM
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Your thread is fine here - it's more specific than walls and ceiling

I don't really see any option other than tearing the ceiling down in order to get rid of the 3"-4" sag. It's possible you might be able to draw the plaster up with screws and washers but I'd expect the plaster to break trying to draw it up that much.

1/4" drywall will follow most every wave in the ceiling
Old 03-04-12, 02:16 AM
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I'd have to agree with marksr, that is, if you want it to look it's best. In your shoes, I'd be concerned with what I might also find above/behind the sheetrock because there looks to be evidence of prior leaks. Point being, who's to say how often the roof has leaked in past times and/or how much damage may have been done as a result. My thinking is, the dipping down part might not just be the sheetrock dipping down? Plus there might be some issues of mold perhaps?
The only other alternative I'd think might be possible would be dropping the ceiling down and putting in all new 1/2" sheetrock but that would depend upon how high the ceiling is and might still require removing the dipping down part. Either way, lots of work involved.
Old 03-04-12, 03:54 AM
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How old is the house? This will give us a pretty good idea if you have wood lath or gypsum lath. Is the crown molding plaster or wood?
Before you tear it down try to prop up the plaster with some bracing then screw it back up with plaster washers if you can find them or fender washers if you have to. If the plaster breaks that is not a problem if it stays up. If you get the lid flat enough then you can use the 1/4 " rock. marksr is right about the 1/4 following every wave and ripple in the ceiling. If you can't get the plaster flat again all you are out is a little time and a few Dollars in screws and washers. If it works you save an immense mess.

It might actually be less work to have the plaster repaired. You can do it yourself but plaster ceilings are not amateur friendly. If you are going to have to tear it down anyway, think about new plaster.

The least mess would be to try to get it flat again then new drywall. COVER, COVER, COVER no matter what.

Is the leak from a roof leak or a plumbing problem? Are you sure you have solved the leak problem?
Old 03-05-12, 08:19 AM
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thanks for the responses guys, house is 1890. The crown molding is plaster, which is a big reason I don't want to take the whole ceiling down. I like that idea of trying to screw the plaster up first with washers. I'll see if that works. Maybe I'll use something to push the ceiling up first, and then throw some screws into it.

The leak issue has been fixed. It was a plumbing issue maybe 10 years ago. The apartment has been rented for 30 years by the same person, so there just has never been a need to repair it.

Also I know 1/4 rock is very flexible and will follow the waves, but I was hoping when I screw it up, it would push up the sunken plaster as well, thus eliminating the wave.

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