Cracks in cement slab


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I'm very suprised this site doesn't have a topic for foundation questions!

I am planning on replacing my carpet with laminate wood in a large 22x16 room.

When I pulled up the old carpet, I discovered some cracks in the cement slab floor. One as wide as 1/16" running almost the 22' length of the room. Others branch off of this crack. This room is in the very center of the house.

We live on clay soil, and have had a drought this summer and then a wet winter. Our house isn't even 5 years old.

What is the best way to handle this? Should I fill the cracks with a sealant and go on with the install, or call someone? and who?

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If your house is only 5 yrs old and your floor is already cracked that badly it sounds as though the soil was not properly compacted before the concrete was poured or the mix itself was not up to snuff.If you contracted your homes building then I would contact your contractor and if not most any reputable concrete finishing company should have some answers for you

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Lennar Homes built the house, a nationwide home builder. (we're in a tract home-type neighborhood, from the low $100's)

Does this mean I have structural problems? The home has a 10 year warranty on the foundation, but I read the fine print and it says it basically has to be falling down or the cracks have to be larger than 1/4" before they'll do anything about it.

Like I said before, I'm wanting to put Pergo down, but I'm afraid to, if this is a serious foundation problem.

Thanks for any help!
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Im no expert ....sorta jack of all trades master of few butif your crack is nearly 22' in length and has subsequent cracks I would say a professional opinion and a second opinion is in order
call a few local contractors for assessment then get your warrenty and go get em if there is problems I suggest calling a lawyer


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