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Help! We are planning to paint a room in our newly purchased home (which is 15 years old) and as we began to prepare for the job, we noticed that almost every single seem is wrinkled, lifted or buldging. Do I need to rip the existing tape off and start from scratch or is there another way? Any help would be appreciated.
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sorry to say, But yes the best way to fix this is to remove the old tape, now get yourself some durabond it comes in brown bags of 20,45,and 90, If you have deep areas you can level off, make sure you pull the mud tight and smooth, after it has dried which should be in a feww hours,then shave any high spots or lines off, now you can mix up another pan and put a bed coat down then your paper tape and a coat of mud, coat two more times pulling the mud tight,Then finish off with topping compound, then sand to a smooth finish prime and paint, Good luck
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If you dont want to mess with the troublesome task of mixing the compound you can use lightweight joint compound,or topping. It is available in most home improvment centers in variouse amounts to fit your job size.Frank is definatly right that you should remove it if the largest portion is bad but if it were to be bad in a few spots often an electric palm sander will lower and smooth the surface sufficiently,so that a few light coats of topping applied thinly and smoothed first with a damp sponge and then a fine grit paper after it has dried,will result in a very smooth appealing finish


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