Mounting screws stuck


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Mounting screws stuck

The mounting screws for the toilet paper holder has made a big hole in the wall, I can't get it out of the wall so I can move it and the hole is so BIG that the holder won't stay on the wall, does anyone have any help to move or patch or what ever


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Molly screws? Toggle bolts? Or what? Use new screws and abandon the old ones. If molly screws after removing the screws with a blunt rod and hammer slightly depress the remaining flange into the wall and Spackle over it. If it is a toggle bolt pull out till you have pressure against the collapsible nut. Holding enough pressure to keep the nut from turning unscrew the bolt. The nut will fall into the wall which is fine. Spackle the hole. Use new molly screws at least an inch higher or lower and a an inch to one side of the existing holes.

A couple of pictures might help if that wasn't the info you needed.
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Thank You this is helpful. I now know it's not me

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