Joint compound on paint


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Joint compound on paint

I want to blend drywall with a semigloss latex painted plaster wall. I figure I need Gardz either on the paint or after I strip it, then I'd use joint compound or spackle. The "Problem Surface High Performance Sealer" looks good. I could even use it on the many spackled and plastered areas that are waiting to be painted. There are other forms of Gardz though so it's a little confusing. I want small quantity - either a quart or a spray bottle. Could someone give me a ballpark estimate of what a quart or spray bottle of the stuff would cost? I don't see it available on the website of any retail chain and I don't trust the prices elsewhere. I can't seem to find the quart size anywhere and the spray bottle looks like a slightly different product, but assuming I find the right product in a small size, I need to know what a fair price is.

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I've been retired for awhile so I'm not up on current prices but I don't see any reason for you to use Gardz. If you sand the semi-gloss paint with 120 grit [or coarser] sandpaper the j/c should adhere fine. Once the mud work is complete, most any latex primer will be fine.
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I agree with Mark - Gardz is designed for sealing exposed gypsum when the paper is torn off drywall. Regular latex primer would suffice but do scuff sand the high sheen paint first.

Also, for anything bigger than nail holes, go with joint compound instead of spackle.

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