Repair missing paper and tile over it?


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Repair missing drywall paper and tile over it?

Hi, my first post here.

So I am retiling my washroom (shower area), and I just removed the old tiles from the wall, leaving behind a badly damaged greenboard, with holes and large sections of paper missing, somewhere with brown paper showing, somewhere with bare gypsum. I am wondering how can I repair all of this to prepare it for mortar and the new tiles (12 inch)?

To break it down, I need advice on

1) holes (I repaired some with fiberglass mesh. Is this enough?)
2) brown paper exposed
3) bare gypsum

Thank you very much for any help. I will try to post a picture later if you need it.

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First, understand that your thinset/mastic won't stick to bare gypsum or joint compound. You'll want to prime it before tiling.

Holes - small holes, I like to prefill with joint compound and tape over them. Large holes - cut out and patch.

Bare gypsum should be treated like a hole. If the bare gypsum areas are small, you can tape over it and give a light skim coat of mud. I don't like fiberglass tape, but if use it if you have it. For large bare gypsum areas, I prefer to cut out the sheetrock and replace it.

I wouldn't worry about exposed brown paper.
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I didn't know about the primer. Thanks. Which should I use?

Is there really nothing to be done about bare gypsum areas?
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If this is in a shower area, all the sheetrock must be removed, period. It is not an acceptable substrate for tile. Once you have it all down, install insulation and a vapor barrier plus concrete backer underlayment on the walls, sealing the seams and corners with compatible mesh tape and thinset. You can then confidently install your tile using thinset.
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