Drywall opposite shower diverter


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Drywall opposite shower diverter

Thanks for your help. I am remodeling my kitchen, which shares a partition wall on the other side from a bathroom shower. When I took off the drywall on the kitchen side, I found no evidence of mold or mildew, but the composition of the gypsum on the kitchen side had changed: it had become much more powdery and brittle.

I am putting up new drywall in the kitchen. I'm not a greenboard expert (you are!) but it seemed to me that greenboard offers protection only on the face side, and not on the back. Is that true? If so, is it worth doing anything to insulate the diverter? Should I do anything beyond the customary at all? Is it worth it?

Photo of the diverter, etc. attached.

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Is that valve embedded in sheetrock on the shower side? Prepare to do that wall in a few years, as well if it is.
I see no problem in reinstalling sheetrock on the kitchen side, regardless of whether the shower valve was there or not. Unless it is leaking water, causing deterioration, regular sheetrock should be fine. You may want to install a 6 mil vapor barrier before installing the sheetrock just in case the valve leaks.
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Thanks, Chandler. Yes, it is embedded. I hope to have sold the house by then and leave it for the next sucker. ;>)
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It looks like there is an electrical cable crossing behind the shower valve, and possibly touching it. If so, that cable needs to be secured to the center of the horizontal framing member it is above before you close the wall.

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